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Earn up to 120% of your purchases through Clear Membership
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Clear Membership Price

Purchase of $5,000  + Extra 10%, Accumulate $5,500
Purchase of $7,500  + Extra 15%, Accumulate $8,625
Purchase of $10,000 + Extra 20%, Accumulate $12,000
Clear Membership Price: *Purchase of $5,000 + Extra 10%, Accumulate $5,500 *Purchase of $7,500 + Extra 15%, Accumulate $8,625  *Purchase of $10,000 + Extra 20%, Accumulate $12,000  How to purchase: Credit Card or Cash Payment.  After purchase, only valid for the following 18 months. After 18 months, your membership will be automatically terminated regardless of the remaining balance. The 50% of the remaining amount after 18 months is available only for 6 months after termination. Remaining amount cannot be transferred to anyone besides the registered member, and the remaining amount will automatically refresh after 6 months of termination. No refund will be given after any purchase. Purchased membership cards are only available to you and your immediate family. [Range of immediate family: spouse, children, parents of both parents] Valid at both Fort Lee, Clear Laser Skin Clinic & Palisades Park, Clear Laser Body Clinic. Membership amount is only eligible when purchased in full and will be available immediately on day of purchase. Cannot purchase Clear Gift Card with your Clear Membership. If card is lost, there will be a $20.00 reissue fee.

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