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What Is Emsculpt? The Low-Down on the Magic Machine That Tones Muscles In a Flash
Fact: nobody's perfect; there's no such thing. But every body is beautiful because its yours and no one else's. And that sounds great. However, seeing yourself that way and loving your body can be challenging. Between all the pressure from societal body ideals and being our own worst critic, it can be difficult to achieve your personal physique goals or simply feel comfortable in your own skin.
What is CoolSculpting®?
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What is Body endermologie® and How Does it Work?
What is Body endermologie®? A safe, FDA-cleared massage treatment, Endermologie uses a patented roller system to reduce the appearance of cellulite. There’s no need for invasive surgery: you can leave the salon straight after your treatment!The treatment is 100% natural and uses no chemicals, and can be used to treat any area of the body – even the face.
Connected Fitness Device Mirror Brings the Workout
Refine Method founder Brynn Putnam’s startup Mirror introduces the world’s first nearly invisible, interactive home gym featuring live and on-demand fitness classes in a variety of workout genres. Founder and CEO Brynn Putnam has been a pioneer of the fitness industry for more than a decade. Her career began as a professional dancer for the New York City Ballet, then as the founder of the acclaimed Refine Method fitness studios. Now, Brynn is applying her deep expertise in fitness, both as an entrepreneur and an accomplished athlete, to transform the fitness industry again with Mirror.